Build your react; vue.js; next.js; nuxt.js app with more ease; lower cost; higher efficiency; smaller carbon footprint

This 100%-free smart server makes your dynamic web apps faster to load & with clean SEO. All while simplifying your development workflow, reducing your hosting costs, & your app's carbon footprint.

Simpler Development

Whether you use React, Vue, or plain Javascript, you don't need to port your code to a new technology. Rather, you'll find yourself removing loads of code which gr8s renders unnecessary.

  • Focus on great client-side user experience
  • Simplify your code-base: no need to worry about SSR
  • Have better control over SEO content
  • Easier path to graceful degradation or progressive enhancement

Develop great apps fast - with superior SEO & optionally working without Javascript!

Leaner & Greener Delivery

gr8s replaces your big bloated app's infrastructure by a tiny, extremely fast server.

  • Up to 30x reduction in infrastructure
  • Friendlier cloud/data-center bill
  • Cut your app's Carbon emissions by several tons

Deliver your app in a much greener and cost-effective way.

Made for businesses & developers like You

We created gr8s to make your app's users, developers & the whole planet happy! Use gr8s right away in your project at zero cost, our self-service plan is free forever.

Self Service

Suitable if you have the time to integrate gr8s in your project.

  • Free forever
  • Static & dynamic server content
  • Documentation & setup examples
  • Community support
  • Updates: Every 6 months
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Premium Lite

Best for optimal integration with minimal effort.

  • Everything in Self Service, plus ...
  • Hands-off: we do the work
  • Optimal bespoke integration
  • Premium support & updates
  • Updates: Every major release
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Premium Full

Best for optimal integration with minimal effort.

  • Everything in Premium Lite, plus ...
  • Hands-off: we do the work
  • Optimized app performance
  • Your app runs without Javascript
  • Updates: Every major srelease
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Frequently asked questions

gr8s (pronounced like grace (/ɡreɪs/)) is a specialized server for modern web frontends (e.g. apps made with React, Vue, and similar frameworks). Thanks to its smart features, it reduces your app's development time and hosting costs by a big factor.