Build your react; vue.js; next.js; nuxt.js app with more ease; lower cost; higher efficiency; less Carbon

A smart, bazingly fast, and eco-friendly server for your app's frontend. Give your users a better experience, simplify your development workflow, and reduce your infrastructure bill. All while saving the planet!

Simpler Development

Whether you use React, Vue, or plain Javascript, you don't need to port your code to a new technology. Rather, you'll find yourself removing loads of code which gr8s renders unnecessary.

  • Focus on great client-side user experience
  • Simplify your code-base: no need to worry about SSR
  • Have better control over SEO content
  • Easier path to graceful degradation or progressive enhancement

Develop great apps fast - with superior SEO & optionally working without Javascript!

Leaner & Greener Delivery

gr8s replaces your big bloated app's infrastructure by a tiny, extremely fast server.

  • Up to 30x reduction in infrastructure
  • Friendlier cloud/data-center bill
  • Cut your app's Carbon emissions by several tons

Deliver your app in a much greener and cost-effective way.

Made for businesses & developers like You

We created gr8s to make your app's users, developers & the whole planet happy! Use gr8s right away in your project at zero cost, our self-service plan is free forever.

Self Service

Suitable if you have the time to integrate gr8s in your project.

  • Free forever
  • Static & dynamic server content
  • Documentation & setup examples
  • Community support
  • Updates: Every 6 months
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Premium Lite

Best for optimal integration with minimal effort.

  • Everything in Self Service, plus ...
  • Hands-off: we do the work
  • Optimal bespoke integration
  • Premium support & updates
  • Updates: Every major release
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Premium Full

Best for optimal integration with minimal effort.

  • Everything in Premium Lite, plus ...
  • Hands-off: we do the work
  • Optimized app performance
  • Your app runs without Javascript
  • Updates: Every major srelease
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Frequently asked questions

gr8s (pronounced like grace (/ɡreɪs/)) is a specialized server for modern web frontends (e.g. apps made with React, Vue, and similar frameworks). Thanks to its smart features, it reduces your app's development time and hosting costs by a big factor.